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How does the process work?

Contact Us

Step 1 - Contact Us

Get in touch with us to discuss your property. At this time, we will give you a price for testing, and will arrange a time to perform the testing

The IDS Team

Step 2 - Team Comes To You

Our team will come to your property, and will need full access to the dwelling that is to be tested.

Presumptive Testing

Step 3 - "Presumptive Testing"

Each room that has been identified for testing will be checked in line with New Zealand Guidelines. We use this standard as it gives the most accurate result - not all companies uphold these high standards.

Test Results

Step 4 - Instant Safe/Unsafe Results

Our team will give you an instant indication as to whether the property is safe or unsafe to occupy, according to New Zealand Guidelines.

Full Report

Step 5 - Full Report Provided

You will receive a full report via email which includes results, details of test sites, and photographs of the process.

What if my property is contaminated?

What if my property is found to be contaminated?

If your property is above the threshold according to the New Zealand guidelines, you will need to leave the property and further testing will be performed. Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions Page